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American International Prep School has decades of experience and is comprised of highly revered educators who have experience at every level of public and business education – from the classroom to the district, to state and federal school organizations. This vast body of experience allows us to provide a high level of education to students and schools that enroll and partner with us. 


We have mastered the art of engaging students online for nearly a decade and our curriculum delivery methods, mentors and teachers provide a high level of service to our students by cultivating an academically engaging virtual learning environment.

American International Prep School services students, parents, and schools within the United States and internationally. Our courses and curriculum encourage a student-centered learning environment, with social emotional support that helps every student exceed academic performance standards and academic achievement measures and prepares them for a successful career.


At American International Prep School, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our partnerships. We are uniquely positioned to help schools, parents, and students reach their academic goals in a flexible, rigorous virtual learning environment.


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