Parent Resources

Is there an enrollment deadline?
AIPS accepts new students year-round, which means you can get started working towards your academic goals today. 

Is your high school diploma accredited? 
Yes - our curriculum is accredited by Cognia (previously AdvancEd), the gold standard for grade school accreditation. Our diploma is legitimate and can be used for admission into colleges and universities

Is American International Prep School a public school?
AIPS is a private school. We are fully accredited by the Michigan Department of Education, but we do not receive any public funding.


We have a busy family schedule. Will my student be required to log in for class at specific times?

Our online curriculum is self-paced, which means you and your student are in control of their daily school schedule. Our mentors will help your student to design a learning plan, but the time and place for your student’s learning is up to you. This is part of our commitment to empowering students and families to learn in the way that works best for them.

What is the oldest age that AIPS accepts? 

We accept adult learners of all ages who are seeking an accredited high school diploma.

What if my student is transferring from a public school? How would that work?

We enroll year-round. If a student transfers to AIPS mid-year, we’ll work with the student’s previous school to transfer all completed credits and to place them in the appropriate grade.


If we started the year online and then needed to switch back to traditional school, would my student’s AIPS credits transfer out? 

Absolutely. AIPS offers Cognia-accredited online courses, which means our credits are fully transferable should you need to change schools.

My student has fallen behind. What can AIPS do to help my student get caught up?

At AIPS, it’s our mission to meet each student where they are and to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. When your student enrolls, they’ll be assigned a dedicated mentor. That mentor will work with your student to determine which grade level is most appropriate for your student. If your student requires extra support in a particular subject area, their mentor will work to ensure that they have the additional resources, tutoring, or other supports they need in order to excel.

We’ve done “virtual” before at our traditional school, but I’m not really sure how to help my student be successful with online. What should I do?

Don't worry! We’re here to support you, and we’ll help your student get set up for success as an online learner. Your mentor will work closely with you throughout your AIPS journey, and if you ever have questions, you can reach out to us - we’d be happy to help.

Will my son/daughter have a dedicated teacher?

We believe that personal connections are absolutely critical to student success - especially in an online learning environment. When your student enrolls, they’ll be assigned a dedicated mentor who will be a constant support throughout their time at AIPS. This mentor will keep in regular contact with your student, guiding them through their coursework, encouraging them, and making sure they have everything they need to succeed as an online learner.


How much does American International Prep School cost?

AIPS offers fully-accredited online courses at affordable rates. You can review our pricing guide here.

Can I be enrolled at AIPS if I’m working full-time?
Absolutely! As an AIPS student, you’ll be able to design your own daily schedule. If that means working in the evenings


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